The 2C3S Strategy

How to Read A Book A Day

Roses smell good,
But books can smell better.
They can also lower your chances
of being a debtor.📖

Get it? Reading can help you be more successful! 📈

Success and Reading
Don’t believe me? Just look at the correlation between #reading proficiencies and academic performance, income, and employment.

Not only are higher reading rates linked to higher performance in EVERY SCHOOL SUBJECT, but they’re also correlated to higher incomes when we’re in the workforce (like, 2-3x higher).

52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge
I set a goal to read 52 books (a HUGE increase for me), and thanks to this handy dandy #bookadaystrategy I’m going to do it (even though I normally log mayyyyybe 6?? ok 3, start to finish.. #dontjudge #ordoimnotscared) 😜

To help YOU be more successful, use this great strategy for reading a book a day. I also talked about it in my stories recently, (personally I’m an audio or #visuallearner) so check out my #mentalwellness highlight on Instagram if you’d rather hear it. @navigatehealth 👍🏻

So here’s how you get through a book a week (without sacrificing comprehension)- the trick is in SPEED and EXPOSURE. You use repeated exposures, along with quality speed reading, to cover more content while retaining comprehension. 🙌🏻 Without further ado, here we go!

The 2C3S Strategy
1. Covers- read both covers to give you a short summary of the book
2. Contents- read the table of contents to get familiar with what you will be reading. Note particular chapters of interest. You MUST stay fully engaged so comprehension doesn’t drop, so pay attention.
3. Skim- skim through the whole book looking at the main sections in each chapter
4. Scan- scan the book for a second pass spending 10 seconds on each page, again staying engaged and looking for the key sentences in each paragraph.
5. Speed- #speedread the book for a third time spending 30 seconds on each page, again staying incredibly engaged. 💪🏻

If you don’t know how to increase your speed to help you with steps 3-5, no worries! I’ll be sharing some killer #speedreading drills over the next lil’ bit, so stay tuned. 👊🏻

So what are you waiting for? Go give it a try! What would you read more of if you read a book a week? 🤗