What is holistic health?

People often define holistic health as using alternative medicines or practices like acupuncture or essential oils, but really, using any one of those practices is not necessarily synonymous with holistic health.

Instead, holistic health is tending to ALL areas of health.  This includes mental health, physical health, social health, emotional health, financial health, and yes, even environmental health.  Because, here’s the deal- if one of these areas is out of whack it can strongly impact another area, too.

If you’ve ever studied biology, you know there are incredible patterns in nature.  Commonly known ones, like the fibonacci sequence are physical patterns, but my favorite are the biological patterns.  Things like how plants grow, what defines life, and how there’s not one living thing on this Earth that can exist without something else.  Just like the health of an ecosystem depends on its natural components thriving together, our health is the same way.

It’s pretty obvious if you think about it.  Take someone struggling financially- this can lead to increased stress, a tax on their mental health, or even their relationships.  Or what about not having sound emotional health in knowing how to feel and process your emotions?  This can lead to overeating, self harming behaviors, or social isolation.

Now obviously each one of us will experience our own unique domino effects, but in general, if you want to be your best self and live your best health, don’t just focus on one area of your life.

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